4 steps to instil cybersecurity in your organization

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The advancement of technology and internet connectivity has opened multiple opportunities. You can save tons of data, connect with people all over the globe, schedule a meeting from a beach, and whatnot. But irreversible reliance on technology in every aspect of life also poses a serious threat. All our data is on the cloud – which is certainly not safe.


We come across headlines of cybercrimes almost every day. Hackers are making millions by accessing company data and selling it on the dark web. Hiring a local government cyber security specialist or ethical hacker is the second step. As an organization, your foremost responsibility is to minimize the chances of risk and take measures for creating a safe and secure network.

Steps to protect your organization from cyberattacks

The most effective approach for cybersecurity begins with having a risk management regime. These steps cover the regime and other topics associated with it:

1.Risk Management Regime

Having a risk management regime is crucial in every organization. This regime should be supported by an empowered governance structure, with the active participation of board and senior managers. Communicate the approach for risk management with the applicable policies and procedures. This means that approach is clearly communicated to all the stakeholders, i.e., customers, suppliers, and contractors, how the decision is made, with risk boundaries applicable.

2.Security Configuration

Having a process of security configuration can help you improve the security of systems and networks. It is important to remove or disable unnecessary functionality from the system and fix the vulnerabilities immediately. Failure to do this can disrupt the functioning of the organization later.

3.Network Security

In addition to protecting your organization from these cybercrimes, it is important o avoid unintended lapses. By introducing some policies and creating a secure network infrastructure, you can reduce the chances of these attacks. Your organization’s network to the internet and other partner networks makes your systems vulnerable to these crimes.

4.Create Awareness

No matter the size of your business or the number of employees, making them aware of these cybercrimes is important. Provide them training on how to avoid the chances of these crimes and do what they are asked to; they need to set up a password they should know how to do that. Make policies and rules for not sharing passwords and accessing company data from personal computers etc. By teaching them good security practices, you reduce the scope of cybercrimes.






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