6 Top Travel Phones with Superb Features

Every year, the Smartphone gets smarter. Are you looking for smart models for the travel? Nowadays, it is very common for tourists and travelers to explore the Dubai Expo 2020. Everyone is looking forward to participate in this expo for business, purchase and other activities. Coupon.ae recommends the travelers to keep a Cartlow coupon code if they need new phones, tablets and laptops. From digital photography to maps and reservations, Smartphones are very important nowadays. Those who are buying the best models for travel-friendly features should consider the given list.

iPhone 11:

For Apple lovers, this is a superb model. It has 6.1 inches XDR display with super retina and powerful processing system. Unlike other expensive models, it is affordable. This is why we recommend the tourists and travelers to shop this phone from the Cartlow store in UAE. The front and rear camera of this phone is superb. It comes with ultra-wide angle effect and automatic night mode.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

Do you need a powerful android phone? Samsung has something favorable for the travelers. Consider the Note line by this manufacturer in order to have the best features. The Aura Glow function is one of the greatest features. It not only gives the improved display but also makes the phone easier to use in day and night. Redeem Cartlow coupon code immediately to order Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Google Pixel 3a:

This is a low priced phone for travelers. No doubt, it is an android mobile but it has Pie OS feature. It offers great experience with fast speed. Remember, this phone has plastic back that ensures maximum shock absorption. However, this phone is suitable for the medium level use as it doesn’t offer expensive features such as wireless charging.

OnePlus 7 Pro:

This is a stylish phone that’s why most experts recommend it for women. This phone looks very beautiful but it is not expensive. The most interesting feature of this phone is the 12 GB storage for three cameras. Enjoy the AMOLED 6.67 inches screen display with motorized camera. This phone is best for the 3D gaming. Don’t forget to see the “Zen Mode” which lets you stay away from social media for a while.

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL:

These are unlocked phones to carry wherever you go. These are best travel phones because you don’t need to unlock them in any country. Being a Smartphone variant, these two models are superb for the users. Remember, these models are little expensive but don’t forget to see the cost of unlocking.

Moto G7 Power:

This is a budget phone and it has the superb battery. It is beautiful and bold. Remember, it can work for more than 15 hours with a single recharge. This phone has received design awards. Redeem the valid Cartlow coupon code to enjoy 512 GB storage phone. Motorola uses Android Pie 9.0 with Gesture-based Interface in order to make this real beauty more powerful and active travel phone for the tourists.

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