8 Ways To Market Your Roofing Company During the New Normal

While the pandemic has brought challenges to the roofing industry (e.g., delays in supply), it’s now recovering and adapting well into the new normal. As a result, the roofing market in the US is expected to reach $17.6 billion by 2025. If you’re a player in this space and are looking for ways to boost your roofer marketing efforts in these critical times, this read is for you.

Here are eight ways to market your roofing company during the new normal.

Improve your SEO rankings. Search engines have made life easier for everyone. But did you know that about 75% of people never reach the second page of the search results? This is why you need to rank higher. And SEO services help you do just that. Optimizing your website is simply one great cost-saving way of attracting roofing leads.

Go local. As a local roofing company, you have a more defined demographic. And you should use that as a basis when devising your roofer SEO strategy. When you match your efforts to “near me” and location-specific SEO inquiries, you’ll be able to reach more of your target audience.

Complement it with social media marketing. Searches don’t just happen on search engines. Social networking sites like Facebook have also become a space where customers attempt to discover businesses to fulfill their needs. Social media platforms are also a great avenue to connect and engage with your audience. Especially during the pandemic, simply letting them know that you still operate and you’re still there for them to cater to their roofing demands can already be a fruitful marketing effort.

Leverage pay-per-click marketing. The pandemic has underscored how businesses should be keener as to how they spend their money on advertising. Every dollar spent shouldn’t be wasted but instead, be used to reach more leads. With PPC marketing, you will only pay for an ad once an audience clicks on it. What’s great about this method is that you can easily see results when your ad goes online. Coupled with SEO and social media marketing, you can make your business more discoverable as more consumers search for trusted roofing contractors near them in the new normal.

Don’t ignore the importance of email marketing. Staying connected with your contacts is one way to make sure you don’t lose leads. Apart from being affordable, email marketing lets you be hyper-specific with your target audience and promote timely offerings (e.g., discounts and promos).

Consult with marketing pros. Running a business in a time of pandemic is not a walk in the park. If you want to be more confident about your move, you can enlist help from roofer marketing professionals. With their help, you can maximize your budget, generate great ROI, and keep your customers loyal even in the new normal.

Improve your roofing portfolio. Pandemic or not, your portfolio remains a crucial marketing asset that can make or break your business. Set aside time to properly document your projects (with your client’s consent) and showcase them on your website and socials. While at that, you should also ask your clients to leave online reviews for you.

Continue your digital-based efforts. Even when the pandemic ends, remote selling won’t stop. So to continue generating your target roofing leads, you also have to continue integrating your digital-based efforts in your operation. These could include videoconferencing for consultations and heightened customer chat support.

The roofing sector is expected to boom in the next few years. Our roofer marketing experts at DMN8 Partners can help you generate more roofing leads. Contact us today.

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