Different types of resumes everyone should know

What is a resume?

A resume is a document, usually a single page, that will describe your personal, educational, professional details along with your interests and skills. You can use this resume examples to expose yourself to an interviewer without doing it by mouth. Apart from these, you can include several other factors to tell your story and sell yourself through resumes. However, you should beware of the different resume templates available and their types. In this article, let us discuss some of the types of resumes in brief.

Types of resume to know

Chronological resume

A chronological resume is the most commonly used resume format around the world. It will contain your work details or experience. This employment history will be in reverse chronological order with your recent work experience on the top, the experience next, and so on. You will provide other tiny details like the educational qualifications by the side. But the focus of this resume will be on the work experience. If you are a person with a hell of an experience in the same field of the job you are applying for, then you can confidently go for a chronological resume. You need not include your skills as the main focus of these resumes.

Functional resume

As the name suggests, these resumes will be functional. It means that your skills will find importance than your work experience. It is not like your work experience is not needed. You have to include your experience, but not with the duration and others. The experience should showcase the abilities you have and the duties you were in. When completing the explanation of all your skills, you can go for work and educational experience. Since the time frame of work does not find importance here, people who had a break in their career or those who are shifting to another field can use this format. These people could not showcase her previous work experience with the main focus as there will be lapses. Also, if you have high-level confidence in your skills, you can create a functional resume.

Combinational resume

The name says it all. It is a combination of both chronological and functional resumes. The benefits of using this resume layout are also the combinational effects of the above two resumes. You can explain all your skills clearly to prove that you are fit for the job and also the work experience you have that will resonate with the current applied job. If you need to explain your past with all achievements and data along with the skills, you can choose a combinational resume.

Targeted resume

These resumes will be purely created for a specific job application. You may have tons of skills, but when creating a targeted resume, you will focus on the skills or achievements that come in line with the job profile of the target company. It is tricky to create a targeted resume, and you would need extraordinary skills.