Effective Recruiting – The need for Applicant Tracking Systems

When managed correctly, online recruiting can help to eliminate the total cost per hire in comparison with traditional recruiting solutions. The explosion recently of internet job boards, company career sites, and email has opened up up the surplus of recent, cost-effective channels for recruiters to achieve gifted professionals. The effective recruiter will make use of the electronic organization tools currently available to maximise their recruiting efficiencies. Substandard rapidly reducing a large number of resumes lower to the peak 10 qualified resumes that best match the factors. Before we start, let us check out the phrase the recruiters’ ultimate electronic tool…you Tracking System.

A job candidate tracking system (ATS), also known as an applicant management system, is a computer program made to help a company recruit employees more proficiently. An ATS may be used to publish job openings on the corporate Site or job board, screen resumes, and generate interview demands to potential candidates by e-mail.

Additional features can include individual applicant tracking, requisition tracking, automated resume ranking, customizable input forms, pre-screening questions and response tracking. Roughly 50 % of mid-sized companies and just about all large corporations use some form of applicant tracking system.

However, getting recruiters to make use of an ATS could be a challenge, despite the benefits of elevated organization and effectiveness.

A job candidate tracking system can help your HR department improve organized in addition to save significant money and time.

o Centralize: Maximize Efficiency and Savings

o Centralize and streamline the recruiting process

o Reduce cost per hire and agency charges

o Reduce data entry with data joined by each candidate

o Reduce resume management costs with easy integration of email, fax, online job boards, corporate project sites, and internal intranets

o Most integrate with human sources computer

o Organize: Increase Quality Candidate Selection

o Appeal up to the more technologically advanced candidates

o Fill positions faster with integration to job boards: many systems have features which include auto publish, auto collection, and auto response, making posting and editing job descriptions fast and simple

o Pre-employment screening to find the best match

o Build a personalized database of applicants

o Perform an in depth search of your applicant database to get the best fit

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