Fast charging on Oppo F9

Joyeeta was frustrated with her smartphone. Its battery would die down every now and then and it took a lot of time to charge. So when she saw her friend Nidhi charge her phone in minutes, she was surprised. This is when Nidhi told her that she was the proud owner of the new Oppo F9 phone.

With smartphone usage on the rise in India, people are increasingly spending more time  on their phones, watching videos or staying engaged on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Being constantly on the move requires your phone to have a good battery life as well as better charging capabilities to ensure you stay connected. However, both of these have been a sore point for smartphone manufacturers for some time now.

So when Oppo F9 phone came up with a technology that reduced the charging time of your phone, it could not go unnoticed. Fast charging on Oppo F9 is made possible through VOOC Flash Charge Technology, developed exclusively by the company. Also known as Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging, this technology increases Oppo F9 charging speed by lowering the temperature of the charging adapter. Instead of relying on a higher voltage, VOOC draws in a higher current than a normal 2.0 USB charging port, thereby, reducing the charging time.

Any device that is connected to a power source is bound to generate heat after a while. Higher the voltage, higher the heat generated. Popular fast charging solutions such as QualComm’s QuickCharge  work with a high voltage, low current configuration. This can lead to overheating of the battery as well as comparatively slow charging. The mechanism on which VOOC operates is completely opposite. It relies on high current and low voltage and ensures fast charging on Oppo F9 by minimising power loss and heating.

VOOC increases Oppo F9 charging speed four times faster than that of a regular phone through its ingrained configuration and technology, which dissipates heat, so that your smartphone stays cool. A quick 5-minute charge is enough to enable 2 hours of talk time. Fast charging on Oppo F9 is not the only thing that VOOC is responsible for. It ensures the safety of your smartphone with a five-layer protection system that runs from the adaptor to the port and the interior of the phone.

By replacing the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU, VOOC effectively prevents your mobile phone from overheating while charging. You can play games, watch videos, listen to music , all this while being aware that your Oppo F9 charging speed is not slowing down anytime. All thanks to the intelligent VOOC technology.

Since its launch in 2014, VOOC has gained over 500 patents and over 90 million consumers have benefitted from this technology. Oppo F9 phone also comes with a 3500mAh battery and optimized AI battery management that further guarantee a longer battery life.

Fast charging is just one of the attractive features of Oppo F9. What you will be attracted to first,  is its unique and stylish design, especially the colour scheme. A special spraying technique is used to achieve refined gradient colour combinations with names that remind that take you into a different world. You can choose from Sunrise Red, Twilight blue and starry purple to make a statement. Flower petal pattern in Oppo F9 phone  body complements the colour and gives it an ethereal feel.

As if the dreaminess of the gradient effect wasn’t enough, the waterdrop screen is another notable design upgrade. It allows users to have better viewing experience with an extremely high screen-to-body ratio of 90.8 percent. The phone also has an  impressive 6.3-inch bezel-less screen that features a resolution of 2340×1080 and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

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