How to Fix AOL Email Currently Not Available Issue?


AOL mail is undoubtedly one of the best free email services for connecting with your friends and family. People love the services of AOL mail because of its easy to use interface and quick response AOL email customer support +1-844-443-3244.

Since a few days, we are getting so many complaints about different kinds of AOL email related issues. So many of our clients are reporting errors like “can’t sign into AOL mail”, unable to receive emails on AOL mail”, “unable to recover AOL mail password”, etc. Recently, we are receiving complaints about one more issue i.e. AOL mail is currently not available error. Every time people try to access AOL mail website, they get an error message like “AOL mail is currently not available”.

People think that they are getting this error because the AOL server is currently down. Yes, this might be true sometimes but if you’re getting this error for a long time then most probably there is an issue with your computer or your network. You should fix this issue immediately in order to access your AOL email account on your computer. Therefore, we’re going to share some clever tips and tricks to get rid of this issue. So, if you’re getting AOL email currently not working issue on your computer for a long time, I will suggest you read this article and follow the instruction to fix the issue.

Steps to fix AOL email currently not available issue

Check Server Status: As I already stated above, this problem might be due to the AOL server issue. Therefore, I recommend you to check the server status before proceeding further. You can check the server status by searching for “is AOL down today?” (without quotes) in Google. If the server is running down in your area, you should sit back and wait until the server starts working properly.

Check DNS server: improper DNS server setting might also cause the problem of AOL mail not working or not available. DNS server maps the domain name into the corresponding IP address. Therefore, if your DNS server is not configured properly your ISP will not be able to read your request properly. Hence, if you’re getting AOL Mail not available issue on your computer, you should try changing DNS server address of your network. In case you don’t know how to change DNS server, you can contact AOL email Tech support for help.

Check your security:

Sometimes your firewall blocks you from accessing some specific content. So, I would suggest you disable the security on your computer temporarily and let see if it fixes your problem. Make sure you’re disabling your security or firewall for a while not permanently; otherwise it may cause security issue on your network.

So, these are some clever and smart tricks you may try to solve AOL email currently not available issue on your computer. Hope this helps you. In case you tried all above methods but still can’t access your AOL email, you should contact AOL Email customer support for assistance. The AOL technical support expert will identify your problem and will fix it as fast as possible. So, just give us a call on AOL mail support number +1-844-443-3244 whenever you find any trouble while using AOL email.