How to fix AOL email Login problem?


AOL mail is one of the best free email services provided by AOL (America Online, an oath company). AOL email provides so many cool and advanced features which make it popular among users all over the world. It provides the fastest way to attach files to outgoing emails. In addition, AOL email offers a 24*7 AOL Technical Support Number +1-844-443-3244 so that users may contact AOL experts whenever they find any issue while using AOL email. Recently, I went to the AOL Community forum website and analyzed that there are many users who are struggling to fix their AOL email login problem. Many AOL users asked questions like how to fix AOL email login problem, how to recover AOL email password, how do I get back my hacked AOL email, etc. and the concern is only a few of them get answers to their questions. So, I decided a find the quick solution to these problems. I did a little bit research and found some reasons of AOL login problem. Here are some common reasons why you get AOL login error.

The reasons behind the AOL mail login problems:

  • Incorrect username and password
  • Browser issue
  • AOL email Account has been compromised or hacked
  • Application issue
  • Security issue
  • Device issue

So, now we have the reason behind the login problems of AOL email. Now, we can go ahead and troubleshoot the AOL email login problem by following the steps listed below.

Reset AOL password

The most common reason behind the AOL email sign in the problem is incorrect username and password. So, if you have forgotten the AOL password, you may go with the recover username/password option. AOL provides a direct way to recover AOL email username or password. All you need to do is choose the password recovery option on AOL official website and enter the password recovery details like recovery email or recovery phone number.

Reset Browser settings

Sometimes, installing too many plug-ins on your browser may also cause the login problem because some plug-ins may change to default web setting of your browser or even your computer. So, we recommend you to reset the browser to its original settings and let see if it fixes your problem.

Switch to a different browser

If you’re using an older or outdated version of a web browser, you may encounter an error in logging in to your AOL email account because your old browser might not support some features for latest AOL website resulting in AOL email login problem. In this case, switching to a different web browser may fix your login problem.

Enable JavaScript on your browser

Some browser disables JavaScript by default and if the JavaScript is disabled on your browser AOL mail website won’t work properly and you’ll face login issue on your AOL email account.

Clear cache, cookies and browser history

Cookies are small packets of information stored in your browser to make a website load faster. Cookies are helpful in increasing the loading speed but sometimes they cause loading errors. Therefore, clearing cookies and cache may fix some common problems in your browser. Try clearing cookies, cache, and history and let see if your problem is fixed.

Switch to a different computer

AOL mail is very severe about the security of users. AOL applies various security measures to protect your email account from being hacked. So, if it finds any suspicious activity on your account, it may temporarily block your computer and your IP address from accessing AOL account. In this case, you need to verify the ownership or your account and only then you’ll get your account back. You can try using a different machine to find out if AOL has blocked your device.

So, these are some simple steps to fix AOL mail login problem. In case you find trouble in completing any of the steps listed above or have any other trouble related to your AOL Mail account, you may contact AOL email technical support for immediate assistance. Our AOL tech support executives are well prepared to fix any kind of issue related to AOL email. You may reach us at our AOL Mail Technical Support Phone Number +1-844-443-3244 at any hour of the day.