How to send Instagram Direct message from PC

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Are you using Instagram direct messages? Otherwise, you are missing out on many excellent things. Although this feature was added a few years ago, many people are still not using it to its full potential. From the sponsored ads to unique messaging options, and also the search feature, it looks like the fun doesn’t stop as soon as you open the app icon. With this, Instagram has proven that it has so many things to offer.

Instagram DM is much better for messaging

Compared to any other social networks, Instagram DM is easy to operate. Instagram DM basically allows you to send a direct message to anyone you know and even people you don’t know. Even after 24 hours, Instagram never deletes your old direct messages. Instead, Instagram keeps the old memories stored so that we can make use of them to send photos and videos to unlimited users at the same time.

Do you know this cool feature of Instagram DM?

Users may use the computer to send messages and chat with friends in Direct. The social networking app for Windows 10 has been providing private messaging since it was launched in 2016 (beta version for windows). Since then, it has gained the same features as the mobile version. See how to use the private messaging function on your Windows 10 computer when your phone is not nearby.

Step1. Open Start and click on the Microsoft Store icon, the official Windows store. If the shortcut is unavailable, you can easily find the app through a manual search.

Step2. Search for Instagram in the store’s search field.

Step3. Install the app on the computer. After installation, the shortcut will be available at the top of the Start Menu.

Step4. Press “Enter” at the bottom of the window.

Step5. Enter your Instagram username and password to login.

Step6. If 2-step login is active on your account, the social network will send an SMS message with an authentication code to your cell phone. Enter the PIN to proceed.

Step7. Direct works just like on Instagram for mobile. Tick ​​the paper airplane icon to access your conversations.

Step8. When opening a message, click the button on the left to open the camera, and send photos or videos that self-destruct. On the right side, the image button leads to common media sharing

Step9. To use the PC webcam on Direct, click on the links on the screen to grant access to the microphone and the camera.

Step10. In the conventional sharing of media that are already on the PC, press the arrow next to “Camera roll” to see the computer folders.

Instagram DM let you chat like an open message-like experience. This feature helps the users to interact with each other’s freely.




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