Is it Better to Have a Digital Mailroom?

The constant release of new technologies and services for your business can be overwhelming. You have to determine how it will benefit your company, what the implementation of the technology will look like, and how high the costs are. So, which would be better for your business? Your traditional mailroom or switching over to a digital mailroom? We are going to take a look at both to hopefully help you understand more about digital mail in order for you to come to a well-informed decision of what to do with the way that your company handles its mail.

The Way That Traditional Mailrooms Function

Mailrooms have not changed much over time. Your office gets the mail, and you then have to hire someone to sort out the mail. Then the mail is transported either to cubbies for the recipients or hand delivered to them, depending on the way your company already handles mail.

After it is delivered, your employees have to look through all of the paper mail and determine what mail should be prioritized.

After sorting through their mail, the recipient may need them to make copies for other employees. Then there is the matter of physical storage. Most businesses use a document destruction service, and if your company gets a lot of mail that can be expensive.

The Way That Digital Mailroom Function

Digital mailrooms change the way that your company handles its mail. Firstly, the mail is sent to an off-site facility where trained professionals open and scan the mail. These professionals will then send the mail digitally to the proper recipients.

Your employees, instead of having a stack of mail, will have all of their mail available in their inbox. In order to prioritize important mail, employees can utilize the keywords feature to find the mail faster.

If you need a single mail piece to go to multiple people all you need to do is indicate that in the software. The software used by most digital mailrooms is adaptable to your company’s specific needs, no matter its structure of the company.

Once an employee wants to discard the mail, all they need to do is delete it and it is gone!

Getting the Best Options for Your Business

Being a decision maker for a company is a difficult position, but the job becomes simplified when information is available to determine how a specific service could benefit your company. A digital mailroom can help your business in so many ways, and is definitely a recommended tool for any business, as it significantly increases efficiency and reduces costs. 

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