Keyloggers- sometimes can be a threat to one’s privacy

What is a keylogger? How attackers can monitor everything you type | CSO  Online

A keylogger is a software that is used to monitor the activity of one’s device without their information. A keylogger is used by business and government organizations. Government and cops use keyloggers for keeping track of the activity of suspects. Business organizations use keyloggers to monitor the system of employees. Sometimes parents, spouses, and family members also use a keylogger to keep track of the activity of their dear ones. Sometimes keylogger is also used as software for stealing someone’s data which is completely illegal. You can’t access the data until you have a proper license for it. If you are stelling some sensitive information from anyone’s system. If caught then you may get punished too.

There are two types of keylogger:

  • Hardware-based 
  • Software-based  

Now you must be thinking about how to put a keylogger on a computer without their information. There is a different process to put hardware and software-based keylogger. A keylogger disguises itself in the directory of a computer. 

For putting a software-based keylogger in the system:

You first have to sine up. Then make a proper user account. By this account, you will be able to access other devices. Then you have to download the software file in the targeted system. Then you have to install the software correctly in that system. Once the software is installed correctly in the targeted system you can access the system by logging into your account in your system and keep track of their activity remotely. the software file disguises itself in the system thus it is very difficult to find the file. This is a process that how to put a keylogger on a computer. 

For hardware-based keylogger the system:

The installation process of a hardware-based keylogger is different from a software-based keylogger. You can install this in a system by simply putting a USB drive in the targeted system. Once you have transferred the file from that moment you can track the activity of the device. A hardware keylogger has an advantage over a software keylogger. Software keyloggers are active when you log in to your account but hardware keyloggers are active from the moment system starts. The data can be retrieved by typing the password in the text editor. A hardware keylogger interacts with the microcontroller and non-volatile memory of the system.

Know we knowhow to put a keylogger on a computer. You can easily keep an eye on the targeted system without the knowledge of the individual.


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