Local SEO for Multiple Cities

When business only want to be optimised for local search, SEO processes can be quite simple, however when companies want to be shown in multiple locations across the county, SEO become a bit more difficult, with multiple different city pages required.

SEO city pages are web pages which highly specific regional areas serves by companies. Any business looking to capture traffic and custom from specific areas should ensure that they have the appropriate city pages in place, with over 50% of Google searches now having local intent.

City pages can often be a crucial aspect of SEO for businesses, however for city pages to work as greatly as possible it is important for city pages to hold unique and relevant content.  You can’t just put the same content on every city page your business holds for example, you must ensure that the content on each location page is unique and original!

Some of the benefits of creating city and individual location pages include the following:

  • Boost your website’s ranking.
  • Attract more localized web traffic.
  • Highlight different solutions to customers from each location.
  • Create different calls-to-action on each page.
  • Include more internal and external links.
  • Eliminate the costs of maintaining separate domains.

It is important to make city pages unique and personalised to their locations! Many things can be used to make city pages unique and personalised including location guides, employee interviews, team photos, work project photos, customer testimonials, local news stories and a local events calendar.

Creating individual city pages isn’t always easy. It is not only creating the pages that is important but also their optimisation etc. When creating city pages there are many other things that need to be considered – with the following tips suggested to all:

  • Limit the number of city pages
  • Optimise your website data
  • Improve your internal linking structure
  • Include city pages in your main navigation
  • Optimise city pages for local devices
  • Use testimonials form local customers on each city page
  • Create additional external links
  • Take part in city events including local networking events

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