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So our network is down? Your system is slow and your computers are not working properly? If you multiply the number of IT problems by the number of employees in your company, it becomes very difficult to work in optimal conditions. Most of the time, it is not necessary to request an intervention because some problems can be solved remotely within a few minutes.

But to benefit from an outsourcing service and flexible, fast and efficient Pasadena IT support, it is still necessary to choose to outsource the management of its IT infrastructure to a quality IT service provider. In general, outsourcing offers include operational maintenance, user support service also known as support service, and can go as far as integrating migration and deployment.

It is advisable to entrust its IT support service to a specialized IT service provider that will:

  • Adapt to your structure (needs and constraints)
  • Resolve your recurring problems over the long term
  • Find solutions to improve the productivity of your services
  • You accompany in the digital transformation of your company

What are the different levels of IT support?

Your IT provider is only reachable by phone or email at this level. Even with remote assistance, he is required to collect any request for technical assistance and make a diagnosis. If it is a simple technical problem related to a lack of knowledge of software or hardware, the remote assistant provides the appropriate advice to the user using a knowledge base.

  • If your problem could not be resolved at the first level, it will be raised to level 2, also called “back office”. At this stage, your IT support is provided by qualified technicians who will take care of breakdowns and technical changes. A team can intervene both remotely and on site.
  • The technician then determines the origin of the fault and guides the interlocutor to appropriate treatment. The diagnosis will be the determining factor for the rest of the intervention.

The following possibilities can be considered:

  • Remote control of the computer
  • Telephone support for the user

Repatriation of defective equipment

If the problem is not resolved at level 2, the request will be relayed to level 3. This level concerns all the problems that require the intervention of a technical expert specialist.

Here again, the user support service can intervene by telephone, via email, or via a dedicated remote maintenance platform. Depending on the severity of the incident, the user can have up to 3 different contacts.

  • As a business leader, you can facilitate the smooth running of interventions with a guide to help your employees identify malfunctions.
  • Outsourcing and support service must be delivered by outsourcing aware of the issues specific to your business.
  • The choice of your provider will determine the quality of your services.

How to choose an IT provider?

Choosing a outsourcer is a crucial step that should not be taken lightly. A bad choice could have negative consequences on your productivity, and even endanger the sustainability of your business.

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