Smartest Choices for the Bluetooth Lighting Now

You have just settled comfortably in your sofa but you forgot to turn off the big light? You have a light on a small side table and you think you can use it also on your desk but you would need a little more light to read and work? The use for the bluetooth lighting control is essential now.

It is Dark

It is getting dark outside and you want to turn on the light in the garden to welcome your guests who will arrive shortly but you cannot get away from your cook at the moment?

It’s evening, you’re reading in your bed. What if the light goes off automatically after a while so you do not have to worry if you fall asleep during your reading?

  • You certainly know one or the other situation in which you would like that your light adapts a little more to the different situations of your life.
  • You think about what is called the Smart Home, which you have already heard so much, but you quickly give up this idea, too technical and complicated.
  • But what if you could have a completely personalized light immediately, without having to use the Internet, technical accessories or new cables? If you could easily navigate everything from your couch using a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch?
  • This is exactly what Connect Smart White LED connected lamps offer you.


But is not it very difficult to control your lights with your mobile phone? Should we hold my cell phone as a remote control until we can turn on my light bulb?

  • Not at all. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, making lighting work is child’s play.
  • Just place yourself near a single Connect Smart White bulb. No need to go to each room to operate each bulb individually. Each Connect Smart White bulb is both receiver and transmitter, connected lamps communicate with each other.

This means that your lighting wishes are transmitted from one bulb to another and that you can take control from any location. The Gallery function even allows you to operate in an entirely intuitive way. Just take a picture of your living room with your mobile phone and download the app. For the wireless lighting  this is important now.

And voila! You can already assign the light sources directly from the photo. Controlling your lighting becomes even easier and more fun.

What are the other features of connected lamps?

Unpack, screw, download the application and modulate the lighting according to your desires. But the app offers many other possibilities. And: you have the possibility to integrate any luminaire or connected lamps also controllable via deals to your network (for example the luminaires of the manufacturer of the brand BOPP). This allows you to create moods that will exceed all your dreams. For the wireless lighting this is important now.

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