The Essential Choices for the Perfect Internet marketing Now

Loving your company and having a good product or service is no longer enough for you to generate business. If you want to attract new customers through the internet, it is also essential to communicate well, project a good image and build trust. Here’s how to:

The art of telling stories “Storytelling”

The art of telling stories to attract the customer, now so fashionable, is as old as humanity. The troubadours of the middle ages were already masters in telling stories. For the internet marketing this is important now.

And why has it become so fashionable now? Because in the communication of many companies there is a style too formal, boring and that does not connect, it does not creep. And these, they have realized that their old Market speech no longer works.

Some techniques to use storytelling:

  • Customize the stories as much as you can, if it can be with a better first and last name. Include people in your stories.
  • An ideal way to start your stories is with a “I’m going to tell you a story”, as it captures interest in something that everyone likes, a good story.
  • If you have to make a PowerPoint presentation, start it by explaining a personal story that captivates. You see from the particular to the general.
  • The client wants action from the first moment, so, as in the movies that start with an exciting sequence, Start your presentation with a question that generates suspense, and then gives the answer.
  • When it comes to giving data you don’t get bored. Present them differently, for example, using comparisons. 
  • Remember, the brain learns through stories, not through sales speeches.

One Buys And Pays More For Something That Has Symbolic Value

Speaking of attracting the customer, symbolic value comes into play a lot. The reptilian brain is the one that decides on the purchase. The brain wants to buy a product or service that means something to him, so we need to find the symbolic value of our products to sell more.

That is why, when you reach the symbolic part, it is when you generate an emotional connection with the buyer and the price is no longer important , get to know about link building services

What Are The Magical Words That Capture The Attention Of Your Client?

Can you tell me what are the words that, when pronounced, activate your client’s mind and start paying attention?

  • They are those that will help you sell without selling.
  • They are the ones that show that you have listened to your client, you know him and you “speak in his language”.
  • They are few, but blunt. 

Think about them, surely you can identify them. And when you have them, keep them present every time you write a text for your website, or social networks, or simply, you are in a commercial meeting with a client , more about backlinks .

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