The features of the best spy app

The spy app is popular among people due to the fact that it helps keep track of what happening on another person’s phone. With the help of the best cell phone tracker apps, employers can track employee behavior; parents can limit and ensure the safety of children on the Internet by monitoring suspicious people. 

As we know, phone is so important for us and lost phone is a threat to personal and economic security. Nowadays the spy application makes it easy to track your phone if you lose it. If your phone is stolen, use a phone spy app to block important applications to prevent further privacy invasion. Thieves do not have access to your personal or confidential information. Also, if someone disappears, you can easily find it with a spy application. The main functions of the spy application are as follows.

Records calls and text information

Do you think it is not enough to keep in touch with your employers throughout the day and want to track their phone remotely? It was hard to achieve it before, but now you just need a phone spy app such as the TTSPY spy app. Once you install the TTSPY app in the target phone, you can find many functions of the TTSPY such as get the call histories and read the texts.

The TTSPY Spy phone app comes with a hidden recorder function that records all calls on your child’s phone. This feature records all conversations and shares them with the control panel as soon as it receives an Internet connection. In addition, this function provides the date and time stamp for each phone created on the device.

Know all the activities on the target phone

Another great feature obtained with the TTSPY spy app is the remote access to all the files stored on the target device. You can easily know all the activities on your child’s mobile phone or employees can easily monitor activities of the target phone from the control panel.

For this function, the best part is that you can synchronize all the files on your PC and you can check the files at any time. The TTSPY Spy app also has an option to send commands from the control panel to control the target phone once you think it is necessary. You can keep your mind in peace with these feature functions of the TTSPY spy app.

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