The Much Better Option: Build A Long Term Business

One quick way to earn a few bucks is to head into websites that required you to complete certain simple tasks by following instructions. But the more long term approach is to really build your own thing.

One example is to organize your knowledge, work experiences, or hobbies and turn it into a course (or class). You then find a way to sell your course. Another example is to source some products that will go popular and viral from some suppliers, and resell the products.

Launch a course

Rolling out a new course online doesn’t only include creating the course materials. Your course materials may be in different formats including PDF documents, images, videos, audio files (i.e. podcast), and more. You will need a place to host all the materials and make them accessible by your students who have enrolled to your course.

A great place to host and sell your course is on a platform. A platform would already have a large user base – People or students who already have joined the platform and enrolled to study in other courses (also hosted on the platform).

Between Udemy and Teachable – What’s your choice?

Udemy is such a platform where they already have many registered users studying through the courses on Udemy on a daily basis. However, on such platform there are certain limitations. For example, your course materials will need to first be approved by Udemy before they can go live on the platform.

Sometimes you want to look into an online learning management platform that would provide more freedom. Teachable is such a system and you can even set your own course price. One downside is that you can’t leverage Udemy’s user base, and will have to get new students through your online marketing skills.

Launch a store

When you’re to re-sell products, you’ll need to be opened to choices. Drop surfing or dropshipping would be the approach. You’ll need to put the products on a website that provide the product showcase, payment, and fulfillment capabilities.

With many ecommerce website builders (e.g. BigCommerce, ZenCart, OScommerce, etc) out there, you may create an online store from any one of them. But actually the most appropriate choice would be to set up a store through Shopify.

In Shopify, you’ll get access to hundreds of apps that will improve your online store quickly. One of the apps Oberlo lets you directly import many products into your Shopify store from one of the largest supplier sites Aliexpress. All is left for you to do is to optimize your store including product names, descriptions, photos, etc.

Polish up your online marketing skills and then spend time working on social media and search engine optimization for at least a few weeks to months. You’ll eventually find your efforts rewarding in the later stage.

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