Popular Social Media Tools Adopted by Businesses

Marketers are encountered with a rapidly-developing list of responsibilities. From customer experience and advertising to social media marketing, it can be not easy to remain on top of things. Fortunately, there are many excellent social media tools in the marketplace to help you thrive in your role and remain efficient.

Tools for content discovery, curation, scheduling, analytics, publishing, and more can facilitate your effectiveness. Using these social media tools in your everyday work processes will aid in improving outcomes across the board.


BuzzSumo is a tool that allows you to get trending influencers and the most shared content. You can utilize it to assess which content does best for any topic, and everything you need to kick off is to search for a domain or topic. Through this tool, you can acquire an improved understanding of your social media impact and create more brilliant content plans through viewing which of your pages were highly engaged.

BuzzSumo will disintegrate the outcomes by shares in Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. It offers the incorporated advantage of seeking which articles do better across the web without needing constant monitoring of the diverse social channels.

Buffer Publish

It is a suite of business building tools made to simplify scheduling of social media posts, management of all their accounts in a single place, and performance analysis for enterprises and marketing teams. For instance, Buffer Publish lets you come up with a schedule for your profiles on social media. Upon adding content to your queue on Buffer, it will publish at the designated times. Other than your web application, there are the iOS and Android applications and an incredible Chrome Extension that is ideal for Buffering, and at the same time, you are surfing the web or on the move.


Feedly is yet another tool that is great for a couple of things. Perhaps you need to stay up to date with industry news or collaborate with influencers and wish to follow their blogs or any other reasons that you may visit numerous websites. Rather, you can incorporate all these RSS feeds to Feedly and view them there, which can be a major time saver. The tool is perfect for the ideation of content. You can include numerous blogs, publishers, and writers whose content you prefer to a single feed and view them all at once.

It has a Buffer Publish assimilation for you to plan your content to leave the Feedly dashboard. While it is not an RSS aggregator such as Feedly, you can see topics on Flipboard. It curates the news stories worldwide to assist you to remain informed. You can use Flipboard to remain up to date with more meaningful stories and Feedly to follow particular industry news and influencers.


Animoto is among the top go-to social media tools for quickly developing fascinating marketing videos. Their video processor turns your video clips and photos into expert content within a couple of minutes. They describe it as shockingly simple and fast. There are several advantages associated with quickly developing engaging marketing videos. A significant percentage of the population struggle with the content format of a video by Animoto has provided a solution to narrow that gap.

People have utilized it to develop fast recaps of new social media blog posts, videos centered on product launches, and videos endorsing a major announcement. Utilizing Animoto, there are many opportunities for you to incorporate value into the lives of your audience.

A Brief History

Every day, NetBaseQuid platform processes many social media tools posts for actionable corporate insights for research, sales, customer service, marketing, product innovation, and PR. It is a reliable partner to Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, United Airlines, YUM! American Airlines, and Arby’s.

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