Automated Email Marketing Workflows: Examples Revealed

Automated emails when set up strategically and properly may be quite effective to engage customers into higher frequency of conversations. Email marketing automation is about simplifying the email marketing process for your whole online marketing team.

In B2B marketing, email marketing bundled with Sendinblue automation may be used as an excellent and powerful tool to engage customers. For those users but not yet customers, the automation workflows are set up to automatically send them emails at the right time for the right actions that they have taken. It can be effectively used to nurture leads. Hopefully through the many automation workflows, the leads would gradually turn into customers.

Marketing automation may certainly help B2B. First of all, leads with contact information may be captured. Secondly, the contacts may be segmented into different leads depending on their actions and behavior with all the emails in the series of email campaigns. Thirdly, repetitive tasks may be greatly reduced to save the marketers from hours of work. Lastly, more personalized emails can be sent to the right contacts.

An example is a welcome email series. This type of email campaign should always be the first to consider and set up. Welcome emails may work especially well for subscribers i.e. People who have landed on your website, provided their email addresses to you through your website web form, and are hoping to receive a newsletter or some regular communication messages from you. For this type of subscribers, you should always set up at least one welcome email. To make it one step better, you may set up an entire welcome email series.

Conditions to trigger an email series are not only limited to contact or web forms, they may be placed on file download or pageviews. After the successful download of an eBook or an industry whitepaper, the user would enter the workflow to receive a certain email series. After opening a particular web page, the scoring of the user may increase, and he would be places in another advanced set of email campaign.

It is possible to set up a customer success or engagement workflow, when you keep track of customer success metrics. An example is when you are building up your series of customer case studies, you can automatically trigger an email that with questions that ask your customers if they would be interesting in being featured as a success story. All your customers need is to meet the success metrics. You will not have to manually calculate each customer’s success metric score. But the score would have been calculated through in a workflow that you have previously set up. When you have set up to keep track of the product adoption or feature usage of your customers, you may trigger a workflow for users who are exhibiting low product engagement. This essentially gives them the resources to educate and train them on how to use the product features that they may have missed or may not have taken full advantage of.

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