Best Choices You can Opt for in CSGO Boosting

To play CSGO, we will consider 3 configuration options powerful, above average, and a good mediator. We will not stoop to the old assemblies from the 2001-2006 format, but we will definitely try to indirectly say the subtleties and their settings.

We will not discuss complete assemblies, but exclusively components that directly affect the FPS. About how to properly assemble a computer for CSGO, we will write an article. Remember that your iron should work harmoniously with each other. You would also need the csgo faceit boosting here.

Dust removal. This is a mandatory type of work that must be carried out at least 1 time per half year. Dust greatly interferes with the operation of all cooling systems. And thus, the main mechanisms of processing processes overheat and give a weaker profit. This is ridiculous, but there are such cases:

The location of the housing itself

If you bought a new computer, or cleaned an old one, it is very important to find a suitable place in which it will stand. This place should be well ventilated (in no case do not cover the case with a blanket or plaid. Sometimes this is done to protect pets).

  • A computer is your best pet. 
  • You must love, respect and protect him.

We recommend placing the case on a table closer to the window. Firstly, it will not collect dust from the floor so much, and secondly, indoor winds will pass right through it. Everything is perfect here:

The order in the system unit

This is one of the important factors that must be considered before starting the computer. There should be an order of all wires and cooling systems. All wires must be organically assembled and not interfere with the fans to conduct their direct work. The main components must be firmly screwed to the body and not have any play and oscillations at startup. A good example of the order in the system unit:

Connecting extra modules and consoles

All external modules, drives and devices can also affect not only the speed of the computer, but also overall performance. Connected printers / scanners / modules, etc. can load the system. We advise you to take this very carefully, and to set up the software in a quality manner so that everything works only in case of a call, and not always.

The case and its cooling

Air ventilation in the housing itself must be correct. There must be a logic of entry and exit. Here is an example of the correct turnover (blue – input, red – output): In short, these are the most important things until the computer starts up, which directly affect the increase in FPS and video card performance.


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