Choosing the Smartest Options in Mind Mapping Now

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The mind map is an effective tool for diagramming and memorizing information, very relevant for reflection and learning. It allows you to map the ideas associated with a theme, carry out visual brainstorming, take notes, memorize, summarize, plan, decide, communicate, and present a project or report.

Replacing the long list of data, the mind map is a tool for creativity and reproduces a colorful, structured and attractive diagram, consistent with the natural functioning of the brain.

Why use it?

  • Give a global vision of a theme and interactions.
  • Intuitively organize information, clarify the links between information.
  • Facilitate the sharing and dissemination of information in a schematic and illustrated manner.
  • Associate a structured tool with a creative approach allowing to restore in a visual and attractive way a large amount of information.


The mind map makes it possible to organize the data on a subject, a project or a problem to be resolved, to identify the important points, to discover links between distant elements. It is suitable for brainstorming, taking notes, consolidating information from various sources, reflecting on complex problems, presenting a general structure of a subject or memorizing information. .

It is used in groups or individually. In a group, it allows you to learn together through an approach where everyone can participate, explain their choices and their opinion. Using the mind mapping software happens to be essential now.

How to use it?

  • Identify a drawing or a title of the main theme of the mind map and position it in the center.
  • Add the ideas or sub-themes associated with the central image in the form of branches. Each branch is represented by a word, an image or a drawing representing the idea or the sub-theme.
  • Indicate related ideas by sub-branches associated with the corresponding branch.
  • Add new ideas as a branch or sub-branch of a pre-existing idea. The entire visual constitutes a tree whose nodes are linked to each other.
  • Different colors are used to group information or display links. Images or symbols are sometimes more memorable than words.

Methodology and advice

It is an open, flexible tool that allows you to add new information at any time without erasing. The mind map makes it possible to represent the links which exist between various ideas, information under various points of view. There is free software on the Internet to make mind maps very easily.


The mind map can be read from the center outwards or from the outside towards the center, giving everyone autonomy in how they appropriate the information presented. Both the left and right brains are involved.

Precautions to take

The mind map may surprise at first because we are not used to visualizing data in this form but in a traditional and linear form. It is more difficult for people outside the meeting to read. It is advisable to rely on a trained and expert person to produce a mental map in meetings or conferences, where it can be photographed and disseminated to participants as a report.

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