Does free WordPress hosting works – Is It Worth It?

Free WordPress hosting can help you take advantage of free features! With free hosting services, you can increase in global reach, and you will learn that it is an excellent way for you to experiment with your WordPress site. It is often a difficult decision to choose to host your new WordPress blog or website. Most beginners prefer to start with free hosting to learn WordPress itself and experimenting with things that are new and different. Only after they finish studying, they want to switch to premium hosting services. 

Therefore, free hosting is the ideal option for you to start blogging with the lowest cost and will also helps you to learn WordPress efficiently. However, it should be noted that everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Free WordPress hosting is fantastic for essential trade and build your website. But it has limited bandwidth and speed. 

You might be forced to pay for the hosting if the limit was exceeded. It also has other technical features as well as customer support. If you are stuck with some professional, there may be no one to help you out. Also, there will be several annoying ads that keep popping up on your website, and free web hosting may not work for you. 

If you are looking for the best way to manage your blog, WordPress free hosting may be the best option for you. It is a perfect way to start with a few or no investment. You can learn WordPress and then move on to a professional blog on a premium host.

However, if you are particular about site security, speed, and performance or wait for the support of your host, free WordPress hosting may not be suitable for you.

Top 3 Free WordPress hosting service provider:

Here is the collection of the best free web hosting providers for WordPress. There are entirely free of cost, and so nothing stops you from trying all of them:

  1. 000webhost

000webhost does precisely what it sounds like – it offers zero cost web hosting with MySQL, PHP, and no advertising. Many of the features it offers are usually reserved for paid hosting plans so if you are looking for free hosting then this site is best because it provides you higher control standard, this hosting is best for who want to learn and do the experiment. This site is Better yet because it offers guaranteed availability of 99% and a setup program from a website in one click, which is designed to take off with WordPress as quickly as possible. They also have full support for MySQL and PHP, which means WordPress and other content management systems, will work without any problems. And if you change your mind about WordPress or want to try something different is a bit more intuitive for webmasters for the first time, you can enjoy their easy website builder.


It comes with a free account you get 3GB of storage space and subdomains You are free to choose from hundreds of free themes and plugins and indulge in some necessary design customization. Not only that but also all the essential features of a powerful Jetpack plugin also come under the free plan. A blog on WordPress enjoys a significant degree of security with anti-spam protection that is built into every website. Free step-by-step will also direct you while building your website or blog.

Most free hosting plans are generally lacking in technical support. On WordPress, you’ll find comfort in the WordPress community at large. And if at any stage, you need advanced customization features, you can always upgrade to their premium plan. 

  1. Free Hosting No Ads

As its name indicates, Free Web Hosting without Ads is free web hosting services are free advertising. With 20 GB of disk space and 200 GB of traffic, it includes a free installer that can automatically install the WordPress on your server. If you need help with building your website, a free website builder with templates samples will prove useful.

The free service includes a password-protected directory and sub-folders, website statistics, and three versions of PHP to make sure that there are no compatibility issues. Other cool features include a control panel for account management, PHP my Admin to manage MySQL, webmail to access your email and much more. And they promise not to remove your site as long as you comply with the terms of their service.


Choosing a web hosting service is a crucial decision to make. A wrong choice can mean that you need to move your website to another server in the future. Migration website can be very technical, and many things can go wrong. You may need the services of a developer, and you will lose quite a lot of advantages of SEO that you have built temporarily.

Not only that, it is not advisable to make your professional blog or high traffic sites on free web hosting services. Because it is free, they can suspend your account at any time and without any reason, even perhaps without telling you.

Therefore, it is essential to be clear about the goals you are setting up a blog or website and choose a suitable web host. If you need to find a better option, perhaps shared hosting is the place to start. Free WordPress hosting is the ideal choice in many situations, but it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

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