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iPhone XR Problems: 5 Things to Know

The display of a blue screen was more common on the iPhone 5. According to experts, this technical problem is caused by the incompatibility of the A-7 chip with certain applications. But, Apple has already fixed this problem.

If you are still facing this technical failure, it is strongly recommended that you entrust the repair of your device to a specialist. This professional can resolve this anomaly as quickly as possible. For iPhone screen replacement near me this is important.

Camera defective

It is not uncommon for you to use your iPhone to take selfies. Thanks to the editing software, you will be able to obtain better quality images. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users can take advantage of these deals. A technical camera failure is common on some iPhone models:

  • According to a report in 2018, the camera flash of the iPhone X is not functional when the ambient temperature drops
  • A camera bug was also noted for iPhones running the iOS 11.4 operating system

If your iPhone has any of these issues, be aware that it is actually a design flaw. Generally, Apple has taken steps to correct these flaws. In addition, if other malfunctions of the camera of your iPhone persist, it is more judicious to benefit from a professional support. The inside of your device may have been leaking water without your knowledge. Only a specialist has the skills required to detect an iPhone failure.

IPhone battery not charging

Even if you are careful, the components of iPhone have a limited lifespan. And the battery is an accessory that can easily be worn out. To regain normal use of your device, you will only have to replace the defective spare parts.

If your iPhone continues to drain, the problem could be from an external factor, including:

  • cable wear
  • he problem of the power source

To be sure that the failure is not related to the battery or one of the components of your device, remember to make some checks on the connection of your iPhone. If you are unable to detect the origin of the technical failure, it is prudent to contact a professional. Indeed, in some cases, the faulty motherboard charging module causes the charging problem. To remedy this, it is essential to proceed with a microweld. Which is complicated if you don’t know your way around!

IPhone Touch Screen Problem

Are you used to storing your iPhone in the back of your pocket? Without you realizing it, your device can suffer shocks all day long. Be aware that over time, your smartphone’s touch screen may malfunction. It may no longer respond to touch:

  • Attempt to force restart the device to correct the technical failure.
  • Also have the reflex to clean the touch screen of your iPhone. Generally, the presence of a residue on the front of the device can affect the operation of the touch screen;
  • Don’t forget to check your iPhone screen for a slight crack. Be aware that a violent shock can have repercussions on the functioning of the touch screen.

If the problem is not the screen breakage, you can directly access the iPhone 3D Sensitivity to fix the touch malfunction.


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