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Playing video games has long been associated with improved reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

The Old Conception

The classic conception that a great majority of people have of video games as a hobby for children and adolescents (preferably male) is something that has been challenged and gradually changed by the various social groups that today use these. Today men and women of different age groups play video games and their consumer market has grown to the point of becoming a billion dollar sector of the economy, surpassing, for example, films.

  • However, despite presenting a significant and evident change in their social perception allowing different social groups to enjoy its benefits, video games are still considered by many to be a mere hobby, which prevents such people from recognizing (or discovering) their diverse benefits.

More than that, many tend to see video games still as something strictly negative. As if video games were bad for those who use them, or, in a kind of remnant of previous perceptions, the simple act of (enjoying) playing for a person of a certain age was indicative of a series of negative characteristics such as withdrawal social, latent aggressiveness (or in some cases, disseminated by video games) or even childishness (developmental impairment) on the part of the player.

These are just a few examples of a lingering prejudice, fueled in large part by an old-fashioned and dated conception of video games and their players, which often prevents people from seeing its many benefits that go far beyond mere entertainment. With dota 2 boost you can have the perfect choices available now.

Surgeons who play video games are faster and more accurate

A research conducted by Rosser et al. (2007) found that surgeons who played video games made 32% fewer mistakes and performed up to 24% faster than their non-player colleagues.

This has implications for specially designed video games that can be implemented in the training of surgeons. The emergence of Virtual Reality games in the near future may offer accurate simulations of surgical procedures.

It can slow down cognitive decline due to age

Researchers at the University of Iowa found that people 50 and older who played just 10 hours a week of a game that boosted their speed and mental processing skills had a delay in the decline of up to 7 years in a variety of cognitive skills.

It can act as a very effective pain reliever

A study by the American Pain Society found that video games were effective in reducing pain and anxiety in people with chronic illnesses. In addition, patients on treatment for burn injuries reported a 30 to 50% decline in their pain levels. The hypothesis is that games that use a significant amount of mental processing can act as a form of distraction from pain.

Can help children develop social skills

This may seem counter intuitive because the time spent playing video games can be used for face-to-face interaction. However, many games today have online and multiplayer features (several players interacting within the game at the same time). Games can definitely be used as a complement to face-to-face interactions with regard to the development of social skills. They can also teach children the value of cooperation, group dynamics and leadership skills.

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