The International Pattern for the Best of PPC

Google adwords is an interesting way to advertise because it really makes it easy for your ads to run and get started. The problem, therefore, usually arises when the effectiveness of advertising begins to be measured. Without a well-designed campaign, a new advertiser will easily donate half of their advertising budget to Google conversion. We decided to make a shorter, seven-point blog series that helps a novice advertiser avoid wasting their valuable advertising budget. Today, we’ll look at campaign settings.

Campaign Settings

Most new advertisers have the same basic settings. We recommend a new PPC advertiser start advertising on the search network only.


If you advertise exclusively in Finland, your language preference should be Finnish and Swedish. This will make sure your campaign appears on and, but only in the geographically restricted area. From the london ppc agency you can find the best options now.


Opt in to Google search only. It’s a very big mistake to run the same campaign on both the Search and Display Networks. Display networking needs a completely different campaign setup.


  • Bids and budget
  • Focus on clicks, manual maximum CPC bids
  • Budget = Your Monthly Budget / 30

Distribution Method

Select “Accelerated: Show ads faster until your budget is exhausted.” If this causes your campaign budget to be exhausted by noon. 12, your keyword bids are too high or your daily budget is too low. This setting ensures that your ads appear whenever the search terms you use match your search on Google. Your goal is to get your daily budget to exactly 23.59 and to adjust your bid accordingly.


Ad scheduling 7am – 11pm, in most cases this is the right time to show your ads, but there are exceptions. If your goal is to get phone calls in your campaign as an example, be sure to limit your campaign to answering the phone.

Ad distribution

Unrestricted Rotate: Show weaker ads more evenly with better ones. No optimization. This setting is for continuous ad testing to ensure that both of your ads are shown equally and you can choose a winner.

You’ve finally wanted to improve your online marketing and want to set up your first Pay per Click campaign with Google AdWords.

What is a Pay Per Click Campaign?

The core purpose of PPC advertising is to accelerate sales and gain more visibility for your website. The biggest difference with organic search engine optimization in PPC advertising is that it is very fast and easy to get started, but as usual – for speed and ease you have to pay the price and that is why you pay for it. The biggest proponent of PPC advertising is definitely Google. You just and admire how easy it is to create your first ad group and appreciate how Google suggests some of the keywords you want to include in your ads.


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