Truest Options for SEO Works Now

In SEO the title (or Meta title) must be clear and descriptive. It has a direct impact on your keyword ranking. The Meta description, meanwhile, must describe the content of the page as precisely as possible. It must be given careful attention. She is the one who introduces what people will find if they click on the search result. If the Meta description has no direct impact on your ranking, it will have one on your click rate. At the time of the service of seo Los Angeles this is important now.

Practical tips for optimizing titles:

  • Titles must be between 47 and 68. But the closer you are to the maximum, the better!
  • Insert your keywords in the titles of your pages and the first paragraph of your articles.

Practical tips to optimize the Meta description:

  • Your Meta descriptions must be between 101 & 141. But the closer you get to the maximum, the better!
  • Try to insert a verbal “Call to Action” in your description to encourage users to click on your web page.
  • Ask yourself, “What value do I offer to users?”
  • The description should clearly indicate the value of a visit to your website.
  • Use a lexical field close to the keyword.

Your keyword in the 1st paragraph

The first paragraph of your content is fundamental. It is always recommended to add your main keyword in the first paragraph. The reason is that Google analyzes the content from top to bottom, and if it finds your word initially, it will consider that your article is relevant on the subject.

Create quality content

Search engines are now using very advanced methods to understand exactly what pages are about and the link between words, especially through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The algorithms have become sophisticated enough to “understand” (compare) the topics and semantic fields of the web pages.

It is therefore a question of enriching your lexical fields to show that you know your subject. Using only a few specific words and put them forward on your pages has become simply useless to optimize its SEO. Now, it is the association of all the words, and even the articulation of the pages between them (internal mesh) which will indicate to the search engines the pertinence of the contents.

Practical tips:

  • Integrate a lexical field into your content related to the keyword you have selected.
  • Publish content whose themes are relevant to your users.
  • Create quality content of sufficient length. Here too, the most is not the enemy of the best.
  • Control duplicate content that could penalize you. By duplicate content, we mean both external content reproduced on its own site and duplicated content between two pages of the same site.

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