What to do if your internet’s buffering

There is no doubt that the internet has evolved rampantly to becoming part of our daily lives. Further, it has experienced a rapid in technology, thus becoming faster and more powerful. However, not all is positive since the internet can be prone to lagging. Below we are going to have a look at the various solutions to a lagging network.

  1. Use a wired Ethernet connection.

 Going back to basics and wiring your device seems like a chore that hinders your freedom to roam with your device. However, not all is a loss since a wired connection is an effective way to boost your speed. Wiring your device is useful if you are downloading something bulky or have a deadline to beat. On top of that, wired connections are not only fast but also more stable while experiencing less lag.

To connect manually, use an ethernet cable and plug it directly to your ethernet port. After which network will connect as there are no passwords needed. Note that your connections will only be stable, provided that your cable is less than 50 feet. In short, wiring your device is the ideal way to increase your speed if you have a fast connection, but are still encountering buffering.

  1. Disconnect all the devices in your network.

Another quick way of fixing your internet is to remove other devices connected to your networks. Devices connected to a Wi-Fi are continually pinging the router, thus reducing the bandwidth. A simple fix for this would be to disconnect all devices that are not in use.

Further, you could also opt to restart your router as you give it time to reboot. As a result, this should reset all the IP addresses assigned dynamically before reassigning the again. If your router can’t support numerous devices, you could easily limit the number of devices on your network.

  1. Close all background applications.

If the above options are not successful, then it would be wise to close all background applications. Background apps are notorious at using the internet minus your consent. To do this, open the taskbar and close any dormant apps.

Alternatively, you could also install a firewall application GlassWire to monitor application activity on your machine. Note that GlassWire is not a free application as it has a premium that will require a serial key. In addition to this, you could also decide to pause all downloads running on your PC’s background.

  1. Upgrade your network connection

If you’re battling with a buffering connection, and you live in the countryside, it might be worth considering changing your internet to a stronger provider. Think about getting superfast broadband in Somerset, or wherever you live, and reap the benefits of faster internet speeds.

Frequently asked questions

What is buffering?

Scientifically, buffering is the preloading of data into a buffer memory. Buffering involves the download of a sequence of data before the user can access the data. For instance, assuming you were watching a video, then your browser will download the first segments of the video temporarily and store it in the buffer memory.

As a result, this reduces preloading time hence ensuring smooth streaming and smooth playbacks. In layman’s term, a buffering network means that the network is not fast enough to download data hence the buffering effect.

What causes buffering?

There are various reasons as to why your connection may buffer; however, the most common ones are:

  • Your internet speed is super slow and cannot support the encoders bitrate.
  • There is an overload on the server, thus making it crush.
  • Your bandwidth is insufficient or depleted if you are using a limited service.
  • Lastly, your internet will buffer if your connection to the server is interrupted.

So, there are various approaches to speeding up a lagging network connection. Try some of the above tips to sort out your lagging connection. However, if the problem is persistent, then it would be wise to seek advice help from a professional or consider getting a faster speed of internet.

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