Monthly Archives: September 2021

How Do I Use Iot Core?       

   IoT Core is a managed service that lets you access, manage, and integrate the data of millions of globally dispersed devices easily and securely. When combined with other Google Cloud services, IoT Core provides a complete solution for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and showcasing real-time IoT data to improve operational efficiency. The Internet of Things is ubiquitous and has become ...

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Getting Social Through Social Network

The world of online marketing has evolved significantly because of the dawn of the 21st century. From pop-up advertisements to PPC models, each leap onward has brought this field more detailed to absolute industry superiority, and absolutely nothing more so than the astronomical increase of web content advertising and marketing of social media sites. If you want to know about ...

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Beach Buggy Racing

Fun and games outside in the field has begun to fade away and slip from our hands in the modern society. The world keeps evolving each day and people’s lives get busier daily with heavy workloads and stress. However, with the development of technology, entertainment has been able to reach you at the comfort of your own home. Online gaming ...

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