Month: December 2019

The International Pattern for the Best of PPC

Google adwords is an interesting way to advertise because it really makes it easy for your ads to run and get started. The problem, therefore, usually arises when the effectiveness of advertising begins to be measured. Without a well-designed campaign, a new advertiser will easily donate half of their advertising budget to Google conversion. We […]

What is Neon Light?

“Neon” is a gas discharge lighting. Fluorescent, salt vapor, mercury vapor, as well as neon lamps, are examples of different kinds of gas discharge lights. Neon, a chemical element discovered in the atmosphere, is one of 6 unusual or noble gases. The others are argon, krypton, helium, xenon, as well as radon. Every one of […]

7 Inspiring Tech Trailblazers of 2019

With brilliant resources such as TED talks, we have unlimited inspiration and insight at our fingertips. Whether it’s science and tech that interests us, the entertainment industry, or the wild ride that is the world of politics, we’re all in search of challenging new ideas presented in motivational talks.  Throughout 2019, certain subject matters have […]

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