Knowing the process of the Digital Foransic Services

Digital forensic services are the part of forensic science which includes identifying the risk and problems by electronic means. The services of digital forensic enable to do the investigation by not changing the original form of the evidence. There is the reconstruction of past events related to the proof of computer crimes. Earlier, digital forensic was known as computer forensic because it was involved in the only investigation of computer crimes.

With time, the field of forensic science grew and covered all the devices which are involved in digital investigation. There are a variety of applications of digital forensic. It includes the study of the crimes laid before the criminal and the civil courts.

  • Criminal cases – the criminal cases are those which involve the breaking of the legislation laws. These cases are handled by the police — the facts which are prosecuted by the state and require proper investigation of the case. The murder cases or theft cases are included in criminal cases. The assaulation of a person can also be included in criminal cases.
  • Civil cases – the civil cases are the opposite of the criminal cases. The disputes regarding family matters are included in the civil cases. The investigation is done protecting the rights of individuals. The instances of conflicts between the firms or corporations are also investigated by digital forensic in civil cases. In the circumstances, there are chances of electronic discovery.

Knowing about the forensic process for the investigation

The method of digital forensic can be divided into three categories. The photograph of the random access memory of the computer is captured. The acquisition of the image will be by the technology which does not modify the real picture of the evidence. It should be done with proper care by the experts. The capacity of the computer storage has also been increased to store the duplicate copy on the computer. Then both the duplicate and the original copy are compared to find the accuracy of the image. An analysis of the duplicate copy is done by the experts. During the analysis, an expert investigator can recover the pieces of evidence of the crime from the computer. Different methods are adopted by the investigator to get proper evidence about the crime that has been done.

After finding the exact copy of the evidence, the holes of the pieces of evidence are filled. The analysis process can be varied in the investigation. Some common methods are recovering the deleted files from the random access memory of the computers, and there can be searching for the keyword within the files of the computer. The shreds of evidence can also be extracted from the portable devices.

The recovered evidence is then analyzed for reaching the conclusions of the investigation. When the investigation is completed, then the reports are represented in the written form. Anyone can understand the written form of the investigation report. In this investigation of the digital forensic services is done.

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