Significant Mobility Trends In The Area Of Financial Services

Few years ago, the clients of the financial branch were the cause of a revolution in this area, especially regarding technology, facing the new possibilities of access to checking accounts, savings, and other types of investments, through desktops and mobiles.

The great concern with the security of the information has been satisfactorily addressed by the financial institutions, which generates trust in the user, who every day, becomes more familiar with the interfaces of the systems and decreases the physical presence in bank branches.

Today, it is evaluated that 15% of account holders use only mobile devices to access them. The other 85%, combine the use of mobile applications and desktops with the physical visit to branches to perform daily banking movements. The tendency for the next few years is to increase the user base via applications, reducing the hiring of personnel and the cost of labor, as well as that which causes the maintenance of the physical infrastructure, among many other costs that involve this operation.

Among the main expectations of using mobile devices in the area of financial services we can mention:

Development Of Biometrics Tools

Through smartphones, it is possible to use digital prints instead of typing passwords or using pin codes. Other biometrics mechanisms were quickly adopted, for example, the voice/facial recognition.

Applications Of Financial Controls

There are applications in the market that make it possible to write down personal expenses and classify them by type of investment. The novelty is in the applications that analyze the behavior of the account holder, synchronizing the annotations with current account reports. This also offers information to help users avoid unwanted charges.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning   

To further facilitate the usability of technologies, machines customize financial platforms, to meet the main demands of the user, highlighting programs and applications, for example, the most used buttons and the most entered commands. Click this link now for related info.

Gamification To Improve The Client’s Experience

Many people like challenges, especially if the prizes of the game are monetary or, better yet, increase the money you already have. This is a strong trend for the financial sector. Banks can and should use applications that allow consumers to monitor their accounts and design a spending goal. Thus, for example, it is possible to develop a quiz, whether about financial products or concepts, involving the account holder more with the brand.

Cognitive Computing

Identify the user’s profile through their browsing history and behavior on the internet; it is possible from Data analysis tools. They are going to transform those numbers into valid information for financial institutions, using them to perform different types of research, which will let them know if people’s personality is conservative or risky. Computers will have the ability to process information and learn organically.

Involving and familiarizing the client, facilitating their daily lives, is one of the main objectives of the technologies created for mobiles. Mainly, if access security is offered, the number of users tends to grow by limiting branch visits, only for movements that require physical presence.

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