The Finer Options for the Best Online Marketing for Dispensary

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Today we all know the importance of spreading on social networks, right? Whether you are a novice or veteran eyelash and eyebrow professional, Digital Marketing is the main way to win the most important: customers. For the cannabis dispensary sem online you can have the finer options now.

But what are the best strategies to use Digital Marketing to your advantage?

Be present

Today we have many social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedi phew. And there is more! Do you need to be part of all? Not exactly. The important thing is to be present in the 3 main social networks today:

  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

These social networks are essential points of contact with your customers. With experience, you will find out which one brings you the most return, so don’t despair! Start with the one you have the easiest and experiment with the others.

Extra tip: Today Instagram and Facebook let you be connected, so you can choose one and let the app itself do the work for you! Click here to learn how to connect your accounts.

Use the 80/20 rule

Rule 80/20 is well known to marketers and advertisers. This consists of posting to social networks:

  • 80% content
  • 20% of advertising
  • Only 20% of advertising?

Yes. You thought 100% should be propaganda, didn’t you? This is the mistake of many people. Have you noticed how free TV makes most of its programs available for free and displays short advertisements in the middle of those shows? This is because people consume TV for a personal purpose, whether it’s to discover new topics, have fun or get informed! On the internet is the same thing. Its function here is simple: to supply all these needs of your customer.

But calm down

It’s simpler than it sounds. You can entertain your customer, inform them, entertain them, and more with a Digital Marketing treasure: content. This is what will make your customer LOVE your job and want to consume your service!

How to create content?

If you don’t know how to use programs like Photoshop, or just don’t have time to create the posts, I’ll point you to app, which features over 15,000 posts (images) with inspirational phrases, funny memes, extension informational content. eyelashes, henna, eyebrow micropigmentation and more.

Posts, Imagens e Frases para Designer de Sobrancelha

Posts, Images & Phrases for Eyebrow & Eyelash Designer

Also, one type of content that works very well (especially for eyebrows and eyelashes) is testimonials . Collect testimonials from your customers, always ask them to send what they think of the procedure on your Whatsapp, so you can print and post on your page, bringing much more credibility and confidence!

  1. Interact with your customers

Interacting is very important. Answer all customer comments, especially questions about values, scheduling, etc. Even if the person is just curious, answering them shows that you have attention and care for customers!

You can also create more personal contact with your audience through recorded videos or even lives. Don’t be shy, show your face to the world and ahaze ! People love to know who is behind social networks. Not to mention that this creates much greater credibility for what you are talking about!

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