The Finer Options for the Best WordPress Choices Now

The second is that the snippets do not display the images or any other information formatted for the circumstance. All information is displayed as a simple text. While the tag “More” is independent of the WordPress theme, which means that it works on most WordPress themes. Then, the images available in this area are also displayed, as well as the links that are there. For the WordPress Animate Text this is the best option now.

What are the disadvantages of using the tag “More”?

    • One of the biggest drawbacks is that you always have to manually specify the area that constitutes the summary of an article on all your articles, while the extracts are automatic.
    • If WordPress allows you to write custom snippets in the snippets area, it can also generate snippets based on a number of characters to display. Depending on your preferences, it can be a serious disadvantage.
    • The other disadvantage is that using the “More “tag on a WordPress theme that supports snippets, so these will overwrite the text displayed before the “More ” tag and display an excerpt.


  • Whether you use the tag “More” or the excerpt, it is always essential to display a summary on your home pages and archives instead of displaying the entire content.


Easily create your website with Element or

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If you want to protect your content by creating a member area on your website or blog, we suggest you to consult 3 premium WordPress plugins designed for this task.

Member Press

Member Press has repeatedly proven to be a reliable solution for protecting content and creating member space on WordPress.

Member Press offers its users a robust platform that integrates features such as content control (you decide who can see and browse the content), and the ability to sell your products and accept payments directly to your site’s pages. Web. In addition, a subscription management module allows you to create multiple levels of subscriptions. Now create a community platform that will allow you to organize all your members in one place.

Ultimate Member

Many WordPress bloggers consider the Ultimate Member plugin as an effective solution for creating a member-space website. It offers content protection, user management on the frontend and a database of members.

Specifically, you will have a form generator, custom field extensions, and the ability to send specific emails to members. Of course, it has a fully responsive layout to ensure that the website will look the same on any mobile device.

This plugin also offers custom extensions that include connecting to the website with social networking IDs, real-time user updates, user assessments, e-commerce integration and catch capabilities.

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