The Use of the Virtual Assistance Now

Acquire a Chabot for your website, have you thought about it? Chabot’s or bots, these conversational agents, offer Internet users a new form of communication and exchange experience with customers. They materialize in the form of a conversation bubble that opens up on a digital platform: either through a communication channel such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Twitter, or directly on a website. With the Best virtual assistant services  .

For any request of the visitor registered in the chat room, the bot relies on a predefined scenario to send him a personalized answer. One of its goals is to automate interactions with customers and prospects, including responding to simple and recurring customer questions instantly. In this way, the service and commercial teams save time and, at the same time, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

How to build a Chabot on your website and how to use it to dialogue with your customers? No training is needed, just a few good practices to keep in mind, and software tailored to your needs. Enhance your brand, complete your marketing strategy and boost the customer experience with this virtual assistant whose applications will surprise you!

An interactive robot

A Chabot is a computer program that can interact with people through a chat system or other communication channel. It is based on a pre-recorded message base, and functions as an auto responder in writing.

Following a request or a message entered by the user, the tool will “draw” in its database the most appropriate pre-existing answer possible. It simulates a conversation with a human, matching a message to what the user says or writes.

A Chabot is a virtual assistant that responds to user requests

These conversational agents can provide answers combining text and multimedia content or offer a choice of answers that will simply be selected.

With an artificial intelligence

This software is equipped with an artificial intelligence and is based on machine learning which becomes more efficient and accurate with experience.

The Chabot uses the “natural language understanding” (NLU) technology that allows a program to decipher human language. Then comes the technology of “Automatic Language Generation” (NLG) or Natural Language Generation which will address an adequate response once the intention is identified.

Thus, the incoming messages are decrypted in order to extract information and a suitable response is provided. By chatting with visitors, the Chabot remains in a state of continuous learning: his intelligence is based on his ability to analyze the exchanges and to “learn” new questions to optimize his answers.

What are the uses of a Chabot?

  • Chabot’s represent very interesting levers, especially for the e-commerce players, both on the side of the trader or the entrepreneur and the customer.

This communication tool allows a brand to interact with both its customers and prospects and offers a wide variety of uses.


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