What Is Twillio And How Does It Work?

With rapid development in technology, the way people used to communicate a decade ago has changed. Today, teenagers prefer innovative communication ways like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. Traditional telephones got replaced with social media. Businesses also need to choose quick, responsive, and relevant communication channels to reach their customers. If a conversation is conducted in a supportive and relevant context, it will be productive and meaningful.

The telephony network operates in an enclosed, quiet, and costly ecosystem. It is connected with multiple carriers that are responsible for the text, data, and voice flow across the world. We are hidden from the complicated world of hardware, protocols, and language, which comprises of a worldwide telephone network. However, telephony network protocols are hard to implement.

How Twilio works and helps developers?

On the other hand, the internet has a standard communication method, and deployment cost is low. The drawback was there was no connection between the telephony network and the internet. Twilio established a bridge between the internet and the carriers.

Now, developers can integrate Twilio and do the following –

  • Text messages
  • Video chat
  • Voice messages
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Messaging connectivity
  • Virtual phone number
  • Message arrangement
  • Authentication
  • Call routing
  • SIP trunking

Your call tracker software can get supercharged integrating Twilio, to optimize your digital marketing efforts via call tracking. You can contact Tracking Pro for getting more information about the features offered and check on the package prices.

Business owners can gain control with Twilio. Create exceptional user communication experience with programmable communications. Using advanced call trackingyou can reach your customers in a way they favor. Conventional ways are boring, so choose a modern communication method like automated voice calls or voice commands. Twilio helps to enjoy such extravagance!

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