Adventures in Peru: Teach English and Explore

Peru is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. To experience the best of this country, one must learn the local language, Spanish, which is the official language. However, English is fast becoming a necessary language in the country. With the growth of tourism, business, and multilingual communication, teaching English has become a popular profession and skill in Peru. Therefore, if you intend to Teach English in Peru, this guide will provide you with the essential information you need to start.

Know your audience

When teaching English, it’s essential to understand your audience, which includes the students, their learning style, and their level of English proficiency. Most English students in Peru are adults ranging from teenagers to the elderly. These students come from different backgrounds, and their learning styles and proficiency levels vary. Some students prefer group classes, while some prefer private lessons, and some may require specific teaching methodologies. Therefore, before accepting a teaching job, it’s crucial to know your audience to have a tailored approach.

Choose the right location

Peru has a diverse geography and environment, and each region has its unique teaching opportunities and challenges. Therefore, as an English teacher, selecting the right location for your teaching job is crucial. For instance, Lima, the capital city, offers the most job opportunities in the country, with many language schools and universities. Cusco, a tourist hub, has a high demand for English language instructors due to the influx of foreign tourists. Other cities with significant teaching opportunities include Arequipa, Trujillo, and Huancayo. However, when choosing a location, consider the teaching opportunities, cost of living, and personal preferences.

Get certified and trained

While having a degree in English or education is an advantage, it’s not the only requirement to teach English in Peru. However, English language schools and institutions prefer certified instructors, and having a certification equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the profession. Some recognized certifications for English teachers include CELTA, TESOL, and TEFL. Additionally, taking training in language teaching methodologies helps you understand different approaches to teaching and enhances your teaching skills.

Understand the work culture

Understanding the work culture in Peru is vital to succeeding as an English teacher. The working hours in Peru are often longer than in some western countries, and it’s common to work on Saturdays. Additionally, deadlines and punctuality may not be as strict in Peru as in some western countries. Therefore, you may need to adjust your teaching style and expectations to fit the work culture in Peru. However, working in Peru can be a unique cultural experience, and understanding the work culture can lead to better relationships with colleagues and students.

Use available resources

Peru has several resources and organizations that can assist English teachers in their profession. These resources include language schools, English teacher associations, and volunteer organizations. Joining these organizations can provide networking opportunities, access to teaching materials, and support. For instance, the Peru TESOL association provides professional development opportunities and conferences for English teachers in the country. Also, volunteer organizations, such as Volunteer Peru, allow English teachers to combine their passion for teaching with social and community development projects.


Teaching English in Peru is a fulfilling profession that can provide an excellent cultural experience. However, it requires preparation and understanding of the teaching environment in the country. Knowing your audience, choosing the right location, getting certified and trained, understanding the work culture, and utilizing available resources are some of the essential factors to consider when mastering English teaching in Peru. With these tips and your passion for teaching, you can have a successful and exciting career as an English teacher in Peru.

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