Facebook Ads vs Instagram Advertising: What You Need to Know

A well-known fact is that Facebook and Instagram are owned by one company, but their advertisements show no similarity. Social networking is about approaching different types of customers. Yet, understanding both the important social networks enables in reaching your audience with compelling ads on each platform.

To begin with:


Facebook and Instagram, both support advertisement formats videos, images, slideshows, and carousels. While Facebook relies more on Likes and Instagram is more about quick videos and exposure, there are winning paid advertising solutions for each. For example, when it comes to creating content, repetitive images make buyers bored. A smart decision is to build into your ad strategy a variety of ads.

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The difference is each platform varies in its formatting parameters.  Know here Facebook ads vs Instagram ads differences:

User Behavior 

Facebook enjoys 1.7B users and is a dominant platform, undoubtedly. It suits a large business due to its vast size and at the same time suits small business advertising strategies in social media. Facebook users set this platform apart as they find this platform to be the right place to stay in contact with their family and friends.

Apart from this, relevant news is also shared. Here people readily share the content of all kinds, watch, and also create new content. Facebook users stay longer on pages owing to the strong community sense, and due to this follow pages the most on Facebook than any other outlets of social media.

While Instagram is growing in length and breadth with each passing year, it also boasts of a strong follower base. Same as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest boards lure users to reveal their style, their glimpses of life, design, meals, and inspirational quotes. The user is focused and this platform lets your follower group know what you are up to. Here the individuals do not go beyond your profiles. Thus, following you is more of liking you and easier on Instagram than Facebook.

Aesthetic Measures

Facebook ads are completely different and it promotes brand-appropriate videography or photography. It appears similar to classic ads from the magazines.

While, on Instagram, it is a popular blogger. You can find thoughtfully curated and designed images as Instagram ads. Whoever places ads should fine-tune skills and ensure the image is brand-appropriate and Insta-appropriate before integrating.


When to Use – Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads

In a contemporary marketplace, small business owners are aware of the popularity of social media power to advertise their services and products. Sales are not received by personal referrals, word of mount, multi-media attention-grabbing ads, print advertising, and SEO. There is a need to have an engaging and vibrant social media footprint.

Engagement refers to the ability to connect fans, customers, and followers, thereby share your content, comment and increase sales with improved visibility.

Vibrant social media refers to showcasing what your product or service is about, its value, and who you are. It should include polls, pictures, videos, discussions, and contents in a variety.

Facebook and Instagram are adept at accomplishing engagement and vibrancy. However, business owners should know when to use it. To understand the right and best platform for your ad campaign, understand the parameters, benefits, and drawbacks of the two social networks.

Facebook and Your Business

Facebook is the largest social media site.  It has over 2 billion people users, and is the social platform most influencers go to when trying to get famous. Its popularity is to the extent that many believe social media and Facebook to be synonymous.  On Facebook, running a business page is tricky as you have to be ready anytime to adapt to changes. However, not all changes require adjusting to algorithms. It may need cultural shifts. The younger crowd has shifted to Instagram.

A few important things to know:

  • Video content is effective and they are prioritized by algorithms rather than
  • Facebook offers tons of insights with each post. It informs how many saw your post, commented on it, shared it, responded negatively, or clicked on links.
  • Images also make way to visibility and engagement. They are much better to consider posting text alone.
  • Active presence for small business is a requirement on Facebook.

Instagram and Your Business

Instagram is smaller, but on the social media platform, it is a major player. It is not ahead of Facebook but has 900 million monthly users. Companies are benefiting by promoting products, sharing content, and using services that are used as a mobile app.

A few important things to know:

  • Create eye-grabbing images. This will seize the attention of people who try to scroll for pleasure and lead to shopping.
  • Fostering engagement reaching the heart and on the shared content, do comment.
  • Consider posting only in peak hours so that it engages and is successful.

One of the key benefits of Instagram is having organic content. This is because the tags and hashtags increase the engagement and visibility of the company. The hashtags are a unique feature that is easily searchable. Clicking on see your posts allows followers and fans to know about you. You can use hashtags for people to self-discover your brand and social profile, based on the different service you offer or the type of content you create.

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